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Spider Silkome Database is a comprehensive database of amino acid / nucleotide sequence of spider silk genes (spidroins) and various properties of spider dragline silk, such as structure, morphology, thermal properties, mechanical properties and wet properties. More than 1000 spider species are covered in the database.

Spider silk has been known as a very attractive protein-based biomaterial. For example, the dragline silk has high tensile strength yet high breaking strain, and is recognized as one of the toughest natural materials.

This database was created as part of ImPACT Suzuki Project, a collaborative research project on structural proteins conducted in 2014-2018.


Download FASTA files of spidroins:

Nucleotide sequences: spider-silkome-database.v1.nucl.fasta

Protein sequences: spider-silkome-database.v1.prot.fasta

How to cite

In the case of using for publications or presentations at academic conferences, please cite the following publication:

K. Arakawa, N. Kono, A. D. Malay, A. Tateishi, N. Ifuku, H. Masunaga, R. Sato, K. Tsuchiya, R. Ohtoshi, D. Pedrazzoli, A. Shinohara, Y. Ito, H. Nakamura, A. Tanikawa, Y. Suzuki, T. Ichikawa, S. Fujita, M. Fujiwara, M. Tomita, S. J. Blamires, J.-A. Chuah, H. Craig, C. P. Foong, G. Greco, J. Guan, C. Holland, D. L. Kaplan, K. Sudesh, B. B. Mandal, Y. Norma-Rashid, N. A. Oktaviani, R. C. Preda, N. M. Pugno, R. Rajkhowa, X. Wang, K. Yazawa, Z. Zheng, K. Numata
1000 spider silkomes: Linking sequences to silk physical properties.
Science Advances. 8, eabo6043 (2022).


About spidroin sequences and amino acid sequences:


About mechanical properties, thermal properties, morphological properties, structural properties and wet properties: